SOLMATE 24W Solar LED Batten Light Kits

Mr.Auroras' Solmate Solar LED Batten light is a kit that contains everything - rechargeable lithium battery, solar controller, and solar panel. Easy installation in less than 5 minutes; you just need to plug solar panel into the light with the DC connector. 

The 24W Solar LED Batten Lighting Kit is our poineering model with high brightness output and big battery built in.  There are 3 ways to control the light; remote controller; switch button on light; and an extention cable for a wall switch.

Model number:E360E600
LED Peak Power 12W 24W
Luminous Flux(lm) 1,500lm 2,400lm
Battery Capacity 3.7V 8.8AH 3.7V 15.6AH
Solar Panel 6V 10W 6V 18W
Discharge Time >10 hours >10 hours


Solar LED Batten Light for THE Distribution Market

The Solmate Solar LED Batten light is specially designed for the retail & distribution markets. It can be widely used in many applications, such as: office; home; garage; caravan; carports; bus stations/shelters; warehouses; camping tents; sidewalks & alleyways; emergency camps; aid tents; caves; or any kind of temporary or permanent accommodation structures. The Solar LED Batten light is a kit that contains everything - rechargeable lithium battery, solar controller, and solar panel.

It provides a high brightness level over a long period of time, with continuous lighting output, and built-in PIR sensor to save power if the sunshine is not strong enough. The Solar LED Batten light also supports working during day time while being charged, under a manual operation. You can increase or decrease the brightness as you wish, and there are 2, 4 and 6 hour settings available. One 5V USB output is included to charge a mobile phone, tablet etc. It is a perfect lighting solution for remote areas that lack power.


Key Components & Advantages

MPPT Controller


Lighting power and time period can be adjusted, the light also can also be set to work at day time when charging. 



Light can be turned ON/OFF in the same way as any 240v light.



The light can also be used as a portable power bank to charge mobile phones, tablets etc. in an emergency.



Model number:E360E600
LED Peak Power 12 Watts 24 Watts
LED chips SMD 2835 0.2W/pcs SMD 2835 0.2W/pcs
Luminous flux(lm) >1,500lm >2,400lm
CRI >80 >80
Dmensions 360*65*80mm 600*65*80mm
IP Rate IP54 IP54
Solar Panel 10 Watts 6V 18 Watts 6V
Charge cable length 5 meters 0.75mm2 5 meters 0.75mm2
Operating temperature -30℃~+70℃ -30℃~+70℃
Battery Pack 3.7V  8800mAH 3.7V 15600mAH
Motion sensor PIR PIR
Discharge time >12 hours 12 hours
Charge time 6 hours 6 hours
Wall switch Yes Yes
N.W -15℃ ~ +70℃ -15℃ ~ +70℃
G.W 2 Years 2 Years


Materials in package


Unit Box : 63*20*11cm
Qty/Carton : 4 Sets
Carton Size : 65x48x25cm
N.W: 11.90Kg
G.W: 12.80Kg


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