HADES Solar LED Bollard Lights

Mr.Auroras' HADES Solar LED Bollard light has a very high lumens output up to 450lm utilising a 9.2w solar panel and an integrated 3.2V 12AH LifePO4 battery. Any light colour can be created by using the 2.4G remote control from within a max 30 meters distance. It has 3-5 days autonomy once it is full charged.

Model number:HADES
Product height 60cm 丨90cm
Battery capacity 3.2V 12AH
Solar panel 5V 9.2W MONO
Color color White 丨RGBCW


Colorful Solar LED Bollard Light in Square with 2.4G Remote

HADES is a ultra powerful Solar LED Bollard light with high lumens of up to 450lm output. It is extremely suitable for hotels, gardens, parks, etc.  Its integrated 9.6W MONO solar panel of high efficiency up to 19.5% together and with the 3.2V 12V LifePO4 battery pack it has 3-5 days autonomy once it is full charged, even allowing for very cloudy or raining days. A mirror reflector in a tower shape is fixed inside of the light fixture in order to increase the lumens output and gives a more uniform lighting performance. 

The light head is individual from the pillar which can be easily mounted with a small driver, it is both IK08 and IP67 rated. It is available in a White version (WW+DW+CW) and a RGBCW version (2.4G remote control). While there are only the two types of light head, there are upto 4 kinds of pillars available, providing the flexibility to satisfy any customers' requirements..  The pillar's height can be also customized according to customers' requirements.


Key Components & Advantages

MPPT Controller

2.4G Magic Remote

Any colour can be set using the 2.4G remote control, one remote can drive 50 lights within a maximum distance of 30 meters. Easily creating a fantastic atmosphere at night.


12AH LifePO4 Battery Pack

A bigger battery capacity with 3 days autonomy once fully charged. The long lifetime of the battery will not require any maintenance for more than 10 years.


Tower Reflector

More light can be reflected from this tower shaped reflector. Increasing the lighting output more than 30%, and creating a more smooth lighting distribution on the ground.



Light color 3000K+4000K+6000K Switchable RGBCW full color + white
LED chips SMD 2835 0.2W/pcs RGB in 1 + white led
Luminous flux(lm)
>450lm >460lm
Remote control NO 2.4G remote
Light diameter 255*255mm
Height 38cm / 60cm / 90cm
Solar panel 10 Watts 5V
Battery capacity 3.2V 12000mAH
Battery lifetime 2,000 cycles
Operating temp. -30℃~+70℃
Motion sensor Microwave / optional
Discharge time >20 hours
Charge time 5 hours
MOQ 10 pcs
Certificates CE ROHS FCC IP65 CB  IECEE
Warranty 2 Years


Models with Different Pillars





The solar bollard light head can be packed separately from the aluminium pillars in order to reduce the overall packaging volume. Different kind of aluminium pillars can be ordered within a mixed quantity.  And we are able to customize the colours of the pillars to your requirements.


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