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The solar industry has become filled with unreliable and conflicted advice from unqualified, untrustworthy so-called professionals. Island Solar's frustration with this has motivated us to ensure that our customer service is our priority, making the process easier and more reliable from start to finish.


At Island Solar “We make solar simple” from the initial inquiry to the finished product our aim is to make the process of moving to solar power the easiest transition possible for our customers. Throughout the solution design, only using CEC approved products and installers, we will assist you with understanding and reaching your energy goals.


Whether its a domestic or commercial installation that you are considering, Island Solar is here to help. With offices in Canberra and Brisbane supporting the ACT and Sunshine Coast regions, our team at Island Solar are committed to find a solution that works for you.




PV Recycling - Our commitment



By partnering with us at Island Solar to recycle your PV Panels, you can be assured that your PV Panels are disposed of in an environmentally friendly and responsible way, significantly reducing the number of end-of-life PV Panels going into landfill.

The Island Solar Gropup guarantees that 100% of your PV Panels will be recycled and the materials that are extract will be re-used. No materials will end up in landfill and all processing that takes place, happens in Australia.

Island Solar is committed to the health and safety of those who operate within our organisation, our partners, our customers, and the environment