TITAN All in One Solar Street Lights

Mr.Auroras' TITAN ALL IN ONE Solar LED street light utilises an aluminium die casting light body instead of plastic body. The battery and controller are built inside of the light fixture with the solar panel at the backside. It has a performance greater than existing all in one solar LED street light on the market.  It can meet different project requirement with 3 power models available. The installation can be adjustable with a rotatable light holder.

Model number:AI-T300AI-T400AI-T600
Max LED Power 40W 60W 80W
Luminous flux >6,000lm >9,000lm >12,000lm
Battery Capacity 346WH 460WH 691WH
Solar Panel 442W 56W 80W
Warranty 3 years


Teko All in One Solar Street Lights



TITAN ALL IN ONE Solar LED street light is an integrated solar lighting system providing high brightness performance for residential applications. It can be easily mounted to walls; poles; vans; and can even be used as a camping light with a mobile pole. It is completely different from existing models currently available in the marketplace. Instead of using plastic, its aluminium die casting fixture helps to greatly extend the lifetime of the whole system. It can suffer high temperature or very challenging environments particularly sandy and hot environments like central Australia. it operates with top quality LED optics where the luminous flux of light is able to get to more than 160lm/W. It can be widely used for small paths in villages, gardens, parks etc. The installation is very easy, as it can be mounted to existing or new poles. Approved by CB, IECEE, SABER etc. OEM orders are available.






moduler design


anti hail


Key Specification

Model number:AI-T300AI-T400AI-T600
Max LED Power 40W 70Pcs LED 60W 120Pcs LED 80W 180Pcs LED
Max Luminous flux(lm) >6,000lm (6000K) >9,000lm (6000K) >12,000lm (6000K)
Equal to halogen light 300W 400W 600W
Dimensions 660*368*145mm 790*368*145mm 1010*430*145mm
Solar panel 42W MONO 56W MONO 80W MONO
LifePO4 battery< 346WH (2000 cycles) 460WH lifePO4 (2000 cycles) 691WH lifePO4 (2000 cycles)
Installation height 5~7 meters 6~8 meters 8~12 meters
Charging time 6 hours
Discharging time >20 hours
Hourisng material Aluminium die casting
Working temp. -15~ +70
IP rate IP65
Working mode 30% when no sensor + 100% when sensor is triggered for 12 hours. all night operation.
Certificates CE ROHS, CB, SABER (IECEE)


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